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It’s Friday!


Something’s wrong

This man was born with his scrotum above his penis. It’s hard to say if this is real or just a very good result of a photoshop modification.

What would you do?

Nah, i’m not that hungry.

Needles in the Ballsack

I guess he wasn’t planning on having kids anyway…


It’s all fun and stuff until…

Bless your food

Good boy.

Fuck the Eyebrow

When you’re tired of your eyebrow and prefer a mustache.

Weird Photoshop Fantasy

Some kind of weird photoshop fantasy has brought this to life.

Face fuck or blowjob?

Would it in this case be a face fuck or a blowjob?


Anybody here that’s into bats?

The golden title goes to…

I’d love to make her whole week.

Go Fuck Yourself

When people tell you to go fuck yourself.